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Comfort Flow Modular Tile

Comfort Tile | Treasure Coast Mats

The Comfort Flow Modular Tile features the durable Comfort Flow construction, but in tile form. The Modular Tiles can be custom fit to any workstation configuration. Made with 100% High Density Nitrile Sponge Rubber construction, this tile is available with or without holes and offers outstanding anti-fatigue properties. The tiles are welding safe, anti-static, and are treated with an anti-microbial agent. Beveled safety ramps provode a safe transition onto the tiled area allow for easy car traffic.

Comfort Flow Packaged Price
Connector Clips
Side-To-Side Box of 12 $71.00
End-To-End Box of 12 $71.00
Comfort Flow Modular Tile w/out holes Color Black
Style Size Approx. in Tiles/Case Price Per Case Shipping
Wt per case
With Holes 18″x 18″x9/16″ 6 $160.00 3.5
Without Holes 18″x 18″x9/16″ 6 $160.00 3.7
Ramp Size Price Shipping Wt lbs
Female Corner Ramp 4 1/2 “x23. 1/8” $13.00 1.6
Female Side Ramp 4 1/2″ x 18″ $11.00 1.4
Male Corner Ramp 5 1/2″x23 1/8 “ $13.00 1.8
Male Side Ramp 5 1/2″ x 18″ $11.00 1.6



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