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Berber Logo/Indoor

Berber Logo | Treasure Coast Mats

Berber needle punched carpet mats are easy to maintain, slip resistant, and long lasting. They are excellent for indoor and outdoor use. These mats are U.V. stabilized, and stain resistant. The attractive needle punched carpets work well in high traffic areas, like the main entrance of your business or office. The tapered edges of the mats make them excellent for rolling traffic.

Sizes and Prices




3′ WIDTHS (36″)
4′ WIDTHS (48″)
5′ WIDTHS (60″)
6′ WIDTHS (72″)
7′ WIDTHS (84″)
8′ WIDTHS (96″)
9′ WIDTHS (108″)
10′ WIDTHS (120″)
11′ WIDTHS (132″)
12′ WIDTHS (144″)

(example: all four sides of a size 3×5 edged= 16 Lin Ft of edging)

Berber Logo Colors

Berber Logo | Treasure Coast Mats