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Waterhog Eco Grand Premier

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier | Treasure Coast Mats

Exceptional performance and exceptional beauty. An amazing mat series combining all of the performance of our Waterhog Eco™ Premier mat with two additional features- an innovative rubber-reinforced face design for added beauty, and a fashion border constructed of the same 100% premium polypropylene fiber system as the mat surface for an attractive look that’s easy to maintain. The face design can be configured three different ways—a half oval pattern along, a rectangle with the half oval on one end, and a rectangle with half an oval on each end.

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier/Polypropylene Mats – *Specialty Mat Collection*

½ Oval Both Ends

Size in Feet Price
3w x 7.1d $159
3w x 11.7 d $265
3w x 15.5 d $365
3w x 19.4 d $459
3w x 23.2 d $549
4w x 8 d $245
4w x 12.4 d $385
4w x 16.2 d $525
4w x 20.3 d $645
6w x 10 d $485
6w x 14.8 d $695
6w x 18.6 d $998
6w x 22.4 d $1069

½ Oval One End

Size in Feet Price
3w x 5.5 d $109
3w x 13.9 d $307
3w x 17.7 d $415
3w x 21.6 d $498
4w x 5.9 d $165
4w x 10.5 d $325
4w x 14.4 d $450
4w x 18.2 d $565
6w x 7 d $335
6w x 11.6 d $540
6w x 15.4 d $750
6w x 19d $879
6w x 23.1d $1795

Special Lengths: May be ordered in lengths up to 67’. Special sizes are available in whole foot increments only.


Waterhog Eco Grand Premier Colors

Waterhog Eco Grand Colors