Brush Hog

Brush Hog Mats | Treasure Coast Mats

Attractive and durable outdoor mat. The BrushHog is constructed of course nylon fiber similar to that used on outdoor athletic fields. The tufted surface is designed to filter dirt and moisture away from the traffic surface to prevent it from entering the building, while providing a safe walking surface. Available in four striking colors, the BrushHog’s non-skid backing contains 20% recycled rubber content.


Brush Hog Mats Sizes & Prices

Size Price Size Price
2X3 $49 3X10 $260
3X4 $99 4X10 $345
3X5 $125 6X8 $425
4X6 $198 6X12 $625


Brush Hog Colors (NAVY Discontinued) 

Brush Hog Mats | Treasure Coast Mats